Ear Dominance Case Study

Introductory Information:

Being Right Ear Dominant is Beneficial

The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body. When information is sent to the right ear, that information is immediately transferred to the left hemisphere of the brain where the speech and language areas are located. If someone listens predominantly with the left ear, the information will go to the right hemisphere of the brain.  This means that to move it to the speech and language area on the left side will take an extra step.

Left Ear dominance proven link to lack of focus & concentration

Research and clinical studies have shown an overwhelming link between left ear dominance and issues with focus, listening, learning and following directions. This could lead to misdiagnoses and wrong treatment.

Case Study Background:

Thirty-seven people, ages 7 to 46, 100% of those participants reported major problems with focus and concentration.  Some had been seeing doctors and seeking treatment for their focus and concentration issues, including taking medications.

Measuring Outcomes:

The outcomes were measured based on conventional hearing testing prior to the Clarity Chair as well as self proclaimed symptoms on a scale tested before treatment, immediately following and 30 days later.

Case Study Objectives:

  • Measure Clarity Chair treatment’s ability to improve focus and concentration 
  • See effectiveness Clarity Chair treatment has on converting participants from left ear dominant to right ear dominant, based on research proving the link between left ear dominance and lack of focus and attention.

Before Clarity Chair Treatment: 

  • 100% (37) participants reported problems with attention and focus.
  • 95% (35 of 37), participants were found to be “Left Ear Dominant”

After Clarity Chair Treatment: 

  • 92% (34 of 35), of the participants converted to “Right Ear Dominance”.
  • 100% of those who converted to Right Ear Dominance reported improved listening, focus and following directions.

Hear about the improvements parents have seen in their child after the Clarity Chair converted them to right ear dominant

“I never knew Emily was left ear dominant or that it could be contributing to her listening and comprehension issues.  After the Clarity Chair she went from left to right ear dominance and began to follow directions better and I didn’t have to repeat things like I used to” 

Elaine Horne
Elaine Horne