Lack of Speech/ No eye contact/ Self-stim

Message From Dr. Mary Ann Block

If you child is withdrawn, unable to speak or make eye contact, Clarity Chair, might be the sensory training program you are looking for because it takes only 5 day and no effort by the child.

When the sensory systems are intact, learning is effortless and easy.
Problems with any sensory system can lead to problems with focus, behavior and listening.

Sensory disturbances are frequently reported in those with lack of speech or eye-contact and self-stimulation symptoms. At least one study found that they actually have altered multisensory function. They also commonly have tactile sensitivity and measurable differences in early auditory pathways. They often exhibit atypical visual behavior and an inability to properly filter or process simultaneous channels of visual, auditory, and tactile inputs. They may even be defined clinically by impaired communication, social interaction, and behavioral inflexibility. The auditory and visual processing pathways are disrupted. Sensory input across multiple pathways operate at a different level in these children, compared with typically developing individuals. Immature sensory systems make paying attention and learning difficult and frustrating.

Self Speech

Paul Starts Talking at Age 16 After the Clarity Chair