Clarity Chair Is A Breakthrough For Your Practice & For Your Patients

With Clarity Chair, you’re using the most advanced brain improvement technology to help patients improve abilities, eliminate issues and create new capabilities, 

With over 30 years experience to treating patients suffering from Autism, ADHD, Dementia and Depression, Dr. Mary Ann Block created Clarity Chair to help overcome the limitations and side effects of past relied upon sensory treatment options.

The result is a safe, non-invasive and more effective method that offers tremendous advantages for both patients and practitioners.

Innovation that allows you to Grow Your Practice…

  • Easily

    Designed to be effortless for patients and easy for providers to integrate into their practice, with minimal set-up and training required for virtually anyone on your staff to become Clarity Chair proficient.

  • Quickly

    Priced affordable with financing options that allows you flexible patient pricing for the opportunity to quickly see a return on your investment.

  • Confidently

    The Clarity Chair provides new, patented, FDA cleared technology backed by decades of science, research, real results and endorsed by other healthcare professionals.

Be the Doctor Changing Lives

In Your Community

*Clarity Chair was formerly SAVE Program as mentioned in video

shin clarke smDr. Clark Shih

Join other physicians, like Dr. Shih, who are using Clarity Chair to make a difference in the lives of their patients.  Clarity Chair has already provided people of all ages with life changing results, but with the help of our Providers it can help even more.  

Give Your Practice A Competitive Edge

Clarity Chair is unlike any other system or program to help brain function and when easily integrated into your clinic, can differentiate your practice with one of the latest and most effective treatment options. 

Clarity Chair technology was specifically designed to represent a new generation of advanced treatment. It is made affordable with the single practitioner in mind. It takes minimal staff time, and through better technology, it offers better results as well as a treatment that is effortless for patients. It has a streamlined consistent protocol that only takes 5 days.

Expand Your Patient Reach & Grow Your Practice

Clarity Chair can be used to treat a wide range of issues and challenges, as well as to simply enhance mental performance. This makes it a significant new service for treating your current patients but also a compelling way to attract and expand patient reach to help those who haven’t been the focus of your practice in the past.  Clarity Chair’s fully automated treatment allows you to start helping patients quickly by adding an entirely new dimension to your practice, without taking away from any area of focus you currently have.

Diverse Group of People
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Meet the Demand For Innovative And More Advanced Treatment Options

Today’s healthcare consumer is no longer passive. They are empowered and educated about their health and treatment options.  They demand innovative, drug free, safe and lasting solutions.  That demand is only heightened when referring to more serious, life-altering issues, such as those associated with brain function. 

Have the Tool Now Making Improved Brain Function Accessible 

Adverse Brain Conditions affect 50 million Americans per year. These conditions are serious and have an impact not only on the person suffering but also anyone close to them. Most people suffering from these conditions have few options when it comes to effective treatments, limited to controversial medications or inadequate therapy. These people are searching for Clarity Chair, whether they know it by name yet or not.

Post Purchase Support

Clarity Chair gives you all the tools and resources you need to help ensure your ongoing success and ability to help your patients.

When you invest, making Clarity Chair part of your practice, you can be confident that you will have the support, resources and tools you need to help you be successful. We are here to help make sure that Clarity Chair is beneficial for both your practice and your patients. As part of the Clarity Chair family, we offer continued clinical support, front office and sales guidance and support, as well as access to a suite of marketing tools. We are colleagues with the same goal—to help your patients.

Hear What Clarity Chair Patients Are saying

“Emily had tried several long-term costly programs that all had disappointing results before the Clarity Chair.  I’m glad I hadn’t given up hope because it helped her tremendously and improved her skills for school, socially and at home.” 

Elaine Horner
Elaine HornerClarity Chair Mom

“I really think it changed Sebastian’s life. The atmosphere in the whole house changed. It became calm and peaceful. Before, his mind would race so much he couldn’t learn. It’s almost like a balance for him.”

Heather, Sebastian’s MotherClarity Chair Mom

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Joan Anderson

– President and Co-Founder, The Block System, Inc.

​Joan helped develop the Clarity Chair and worked with Dr. Mary Ann Block to bring the program to production and distribution. She currently oversees all areas of operations and provides outreach and support to Clarity Chair professionals and clinics. ​

Joan has spent her career in the field of corporate and media communication. She is an award-winning medical and consumer journalist who has worked in radio and television and as a reporter for both newspapers and magazines.

As ​V​ice-​P​resident ​of Corporate Communications and Health Services ​at Osteopathic Health System of Texas, she focused on patient education and advocacy. She helped develop and supervised an out-patient health program for military families and age 50+ population. She was responsible for restructuring a for-profit health and fitness center and occupational health program, taking the center from a major financial loss to a profit-making corporate affiliate. She ​was ​also ​a voting member of key corporate committees including Finance, Clinic Network, and Strategic Planning.

Joan has also served on the boards of the American Heart Association and The American Cancer Society, and was a member of The International Association of Business Communicators Network. ​ She was appointed to the City Council Cable Television Committee, which she chaired for two years. She is a trained mediator for Disputes Resolution Services.

Joan, a Dean’s Honor List graduate from Texas Christian University, was ​selected for membership in Leadership Texas and ​awarded Most Influential Woman and received Most Innovative New Product Award from Tarrant County Business Press.

Ashley Millerick, J.D.


Ashley Millerick has a strong background in business and marketing with an entrepreneurial spirit that has been the energy and vision throughout her career of creating and building corporations.

Today, as CEO for The Block System, Inc., her primary focus is on taking the company’s flagship product, Clarity Chair, to the people struggling with neurological challenges, by expanding the company visibility and availability as well as forging collaborations with allied companies and organizations.

Prior to her position at The Block System, Inc., Ashley served as an NFLPA Certified Agent and VP of Marketing at one of the most prestigious NFL agencies in the Country. Ashley’s main responsibility in her role as NFL agent was negotiating player’s contracts with team owners, managing current clients and recruiting new ones. As VP of Marketing she established strategies to secure off the field marketing opportunities for clients that included partnerships with national brands. She simultaneously managed over 20 NFL client brands, as well as assisting players with developing and executing a philanthropic footprint.

Her work in the sports profession provided her with first hand knowledge of the challenges that can arise from neurological injuries and gave her motivation to join the team for Clarity Chair and be part of the solution for not only athletes, but people of all ages who face similar issues.

Ashley was a successful Division I student-athlete at Texas Christian University where she graduated magna cum laude and then went on to received her law degree from Texas Tech School of Law.


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