Complete memory loss, caused by prescription drugs for stomach pain, terrorizes nine-year old, Karis, for months until the Clarity Chair

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At age 9, Karis had stomach pain that would not resolve. She saw many doctors but they could not figure out what was causing her pain. Eventually, a doctor prescribed 2 medications for the pain. One drug prescribed was Gabapentin and the other drug was Lyrica. Shortly after starting these 2 medications, Karis lost her memory. She did not know who she was, she didn’t know who her parents or brothers and sisters were and she didn’t know why she was living in her home with these strangers. Karis was terrified all the time. Because she didn’t recognize her mother, she thought she had another mother somewhere else. Her mother pretended to be a nurse to calm her down since thinking she was her mother just upset Kris even more. When Karis’ mother called the doctor and told him what had happened, the doctor said that the cause couldn’t be the prescriptions he gave her. Karis’ mother stopped the drugs anyway. It took them several months of suffering before they found the Clarity Chair.

Karis started the 5-day Clarity Chair on a Monday. On Wednesday, the third day on the chair, Karis got very upset. The session was even stopped early. When Karis came in on Thursday to do the Clarity Chair, she was smiling. This was something she had not done in months. It turned out that Karis woke up on Thursday morning with her complete memory intact. She remembered everything that had happened to her. She knew who she was, she knew who her family was and she even knew who Dr. Block was. She was excited to tell us that her memory had returned and even though she had been upset the day before, Karis felt that was a necessary step to her recovery. Over one year later, Karis has had no more problems and continues to remember everything. It turned out that the drug insert for both of those medications she was prescribed, listed “Amnesia” as a side effect. It had taken Dr. Block less than one minute to look it up when Karis came to see her.

“It’s been over a year and a half since Karis completed the Clarity Chair treatment and she has not only been back to her normal self, but she has had no recurrences, no lapses in memory and has full mental clarity. We are so grateful.”

Daley Miller
Daley MillerClarity Chair Mom