Student Says He Gets the same benefits of adderall without the side effects

Goal of Clarity Chair Treatment:

To help him be more productive with his work and school responsibilities without needing to take Adderall.  Tyler had been taking this medication to help with these issues.  He experienced several side effects that were serious and he wanted to eliminate the side effects without having to give-up the benefits.  

Before Clarity Chair

Tyler, a busy student and business developer, had problems concentrating and remembering. He would transpose text and numbers and would have to check what he was writing three or four times. He tried medications to help but did not like the negative side effects interfering with his sleep and eating and causing personality changes.

After Clarity Chair Results:

  • Improved reading skills
  • Remember better
  • More efficient with his time and work
  • Feels he is overall more productive
  • No longer needed Adderall or other medications

“After the program, I could hear better, remember better.  I was having the benefits of taking Adderal without taking it and without any the negative side effects, like personality changes, grumpiness, irritability, lack of sleep, being tired and not hungry.”

TylerClarity Chair User